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Max 先生
  • 出身国:フランス
  • 居住国:
講師名 Max 先生
性別 男性
生年月日 1985年11月13日
特徴 アメリカ英語
興味 文法指導, 観光, 日常会話, キッズ, 留学
自己紹介 I have followed an unusual, yet rich and instructive career path. After graduating with a baccalaureate in catering from a specialized school in France in 2006, I started working as a chef in various renowned establishments around the world where I sharpened my English and cooking skills for a few years. In 2014, I decided to take a break from my chef career path and resumed my studies. I started studying business English and several other subjects related to American and British cultures, as well as international business in University. This new path proved to be a turning point in my life, which led me to move to Japan after I graduated with my bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages Applied to Business in 2017. I have been working as an English and French teacher for private schools in Osaka for 3 years now.
運営者コメント マックス先生はユニークなバックグラウンドを持っています。フランスで料理の勉強をしてシェフになりました。有名料理店にて世界の人たちと接しながら、英語力も磨きました。

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